Small Business Owner

Being a small business owner is tough, a labor of love. ROCKHOST.COM is like my child. But today, today is one of those days. The kind where I get to reward myself by sneaking away from society for just a little while to fly under the radar.

Everybody, friends and family included for the most part, seems to think that I have it easy, that I won the “work from home” lottery. Wah, I know. Frustrating as hell, but the reason they assume such tripe is because of these types of days. Even though they are rarer than one might think, damn they are nice. I’m not gon’na lie.

Today was finishing a 5k in the rain, and is now warm glowing tubes on an amplifier with a nice chai tea. Oh, and a blog post too, of course.

Now back to this…

Marshall JCM 800

Thanks for listening, well reading anyway.

By Seth Cole

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